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Confirmed Volunteers Consulate Information 2019
Confirmed Volunteer Service Group *
Full name: *
Please write your full legal name as it appears in your passport and in the following order; given names, middle names, last names. Please do not use any nicknames or "preferred" names.
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Citizenship through which you will be applying for your visa: *
If you have a permanent citizenship in more than one country, please list the country citizenship you will use when applying for your visa.
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Passport Number: *
IMPORTANT- If your passport number begins with the number zero, please put a number sign in front of it. For example, #012345678
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In which country will you be applying for your Temporary Residence Visa? *
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What is the name of the consulate through which you will be applying for and stamping your visa? *
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Have you made contact with your consulate yet? *
Have you requested your criminal background check yet? *
Have you begun to put together the other required paperwork? *
If you answered "no" to any of the previous three questions, or if you are still unsure as to which consulate you will be working with to process your visa, please provide us with an explanation below.
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Please list any trips you plan to take from now until your volunteer service (that will be longer than two weeks).
Please include specific locations and duration in each location.
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