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The questionnairy about Cows VS Vikings game
It would be very nice if you leave your feedback about the game by answering the following questions, thanks.
Your name (or the nickname)
Your country (not necessary to fill)
What did you like the most about this game?
What did you dislike the most?
Did you like the graphics of the game?
Did you like its music and sounds?
Didn't the game appear to you too hard (or, in opposite, too simple)?
Which towers did you like to use the most?
Which towers you didn't like?
Which spell did you like less than others?
Did you have any problems with game's interface? Is it easy to get how to play?
Which characters seemed the most sympathetic for you: the Vikings or the Cows?
Didn't the game seem to you too brutal in relation to cows?
Which games of tower defence genre did you play before? Which of them are your favorite?
How would you rate this game from 1 to 5?
Did you already inform your friends about Cows VS Vikings?
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