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Ghana Technology University College (GTUC)
Dear Library Patron,

In order for GTUC library to continuously offer you the best possible services, we are soliciting your views on our performance, as well as your expectations of the resources and services that the library provides you. In this regard, we will be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to complete this short online survey questionnaire. Your valuable feedback will help guide us on how we can best meet your library resource needs and expectations. Participation is voluntary and your responses are anonymous. If you are ready, please click on the link below to begin.

Section 1: Please check one answer for each of the following:

1. Do you have a GTUC student ID card?
2. Please indicate your gender.
3. On average, how often do you visit the library?
4. How would you rate each of the following library services? *
Very Poor
Neutral/Don't know
Very Good
Collection (books, journals, newspapers, etc.)
Customer service
Outreach activities (e.g. orientation presentations)
Online services (research databases)
Library policies
Internet access
Hours of operation
5. How important is each of the following library services to you? *
Not Important
Somewhat Important
Neutral/Don't Know
Very Important
Borrowing materials (books)
Reference services (research assistance from librarians)
Study rooms/reading areas
Internet access
Online services (research databases,e-books etc.)
Overall, how important is the library to you and your family?
6. What do you value most about the library?
Your answer
7. How could the library or its services be improved, if at all?
Your answer
8. How does the library benefit you or the community?
Your answer
9. Would you wish to contribute donating in cash or kind to the library?
If yes, provide phone number or email address
Your answer
Thank you for your time! If you have questions about this survey or about the library, please contact us at
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