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BoC-Battle of Cortices                                              Team registration
Boc is a team based medical game.
Name of the team *
Teams will be presented with their names. The winner team's name will be dispayed on the trophy as well.
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Team members *
Team consists of 5 members. Teams with less or more than 5 members will not qualify for the game. Please put full names of all members.  
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Team leader
This field is optional. If your team has a leader please indicate it here. We will be contacting the team leader primarily. If your team has a leader but you still want to be notified individually please write "Notify all" in the answer section. If your team doesn't have a leader all the members will be notified individually as a default.
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Contact information (E-mail) *
If your team has a leader put a leader's E-maili address here. If you wish to be notified individually please indicate E-mail addresses of every member.
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Contact information (Mobile phone) *
This section is optional. If your team has a leader put the leader's mobile phone here. If you think you need to put more than one phone number please do so. Make sure you put a name next to the number for e.g.: Valiko Begiashvili +995599304923
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By checking this box we as a team and every member individually declare that we will comply with the rules of this game, will be honest and respectful. *
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