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THE HEART'S DUTY COLLECTION Goodreads Review Opportunity
I'm looking for people interested in reviewing THE HEART'S DUTY COLLECTION, which is a compilation of four complete novels - two of them previously released for sale, one only released as a first draft preview during National Novel Writing Month, and one previously unreleased - all edited and compiled into a single collection. Now that I have them collated and in one collection, the series has no reviews and I'd like to get feedback.

If you are interested, sign up using this Google form. I will give a limited number of copies out to people who will be interested not only featuring reviews on GOODREADS but also on their own blogs or social media. Those selected will receive Smashwords coupons to redeem for the book, more information about which can be found at PLEASE BE ADVISED THIS COLLECTION INCLUDES A RAPE STORYLINE AND INVOLVEMENT BETWEEN A STEPFATHER AND STEPDAUGHTER; IF THESE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SUBJECTS FOR YOU, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

The value of this e-book collection is 3.99 USD. The books THE HEART'S DUTY and TOUCH THE STARS were originally sold at 2.99 each, and if the other two had been sold they would have been the same price, bringing the collection's value to 11.96 USD. Since two parts were previously released, I decided to lower the price point so that people who got the two previously released items would not pay large amounts to complete the story line. In exchange for the copy, I prefer a review of 3 stars or higher. If you are dissatisfied with the book, while I prefer no review, I have a greater preference for transparency and would rather you express that.

Bear in mind when you read it that TOUCH THE STARS was my first self-published novel (written in 2011), and one part as late as 2014. TOUCH THE STARS is actually not part of THE HEART'S DUTY arc, but as many characters cross over between the books, it made better sense in this collection. TOUCH THE STARS has been copy-edited since its original release, but the reviews you can see online for the now out-of-print version (generally 3 stars - see and do indicate weaknesses that still exist. In the last five years I feel I've grown and improved with my writing as a whole, and want to find out.

A limited number of opportunities to review be presented, but that will be in large part based on interest in the title. Further details will be provided to those selected to review.

Again, I appreciate your interest and hope you will find the read to be of interest.

- Shannon Muir

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