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Guilford Fair Parade 2021
Theme: "Moving Ahead to the Future"                                                                                                                                         Please visit for more FAQ and Information about rules, procedures etc.
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Please provide a description of your entry to be shared with GCTV.  This is your opportunity to describe your group to the general public, so feel free to elaborate. Please include any connection of your unit to the theme of the parade.  Please understand that, the GCTV volunteers may not cover the entire parade.  Groups are encouraged to film or photograph their own entires
The undersigned as Releaser, in consideration of being permitted to participate in the 2021 Guilford Fair Parade, conducted by the Guilford Fair Parade Committee ("Releasee") for the benefit of the citizens of Guilford, does for himself/itself and the members of his/it's entry in the 2021 Guilford Fair Parade, and their heirs, assignees and legal representatives, hereby covenant not to sue the Releasee, and does hereby release, waive, and discharge the Releasee from any and all liability to the Releaser, or any members of his/its entry, their heirs, assignees and legal representatives, for all loss and damage thereto, on account of any injury to person or property while the releaser and the members of his/its entry are participating in the 2021 Guilford Fair Parade. The Releaser and the members of his/its entry understand and agree that the Releasee has disclaimed and does disclaim all liability for the physical conditions of the parade route and supervision of the parade.                    ****Please type your name and date below ***** *
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