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                     TJH Covid-19 Impact on Students
Please complete the following questions to help us know about your needs and better understand how we can offer support to your student.  We understand that these are unusual times and we care very much about our students and families during this pandemic.  Please know that completion is voluntary and any information shared will remain confidential among those who need to know in order to support your child.  Our campus support staff may contact you, to discuss additional needs and available supports.  
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What is the name of your student(s) who currently attend TJH?  What grade(s) are they currently in this Fall?   *
What grade(s) are they currently in this school year?   *
What is the current contact information for your family? *
Did your child or your family have pre-existing stressors prior to Spring Break 2019-20? *
If you selected yes, please share the pre-existing stressors below:
Has a member of your family tested positive for Covid-19? *
Please share any positive experiences your child or family has experienced during this time.
Do you have any of the following concerns for your child as they prepare to return to school? (check all that apply)
Feel free to share any other additional information that will help us to support your child and family.
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