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Eric Maple Call Alert

Eric Maple initially did a hunger strike in early July because of the small portions of food given to prisoners. He put in a request to be transferred but they have not done SO. He has been in the hole at Camp Hill and this is not the first call alert we have done. We have called in the past about him due to many instances of retaliation because he is a whistleblower and he files grievances about human rights violations.

This time he is being retaliated against for complaining and putting in grievances about the new food vendor and the portions. Aramark is the new food vendor, the same company that is known for serving rotten food and food with with maggots in it. Eric Maple demonstrates the size of the portions by stating that an entire meal can fit into a small styrofoam cup. Many prisoners have complained about losing 20 pounds or more due to this starvation diet they are being fed.

The prisoners feel the portions are being reduced in order to feed the additional prisoners being brought in from out of state. Pennsylvania is receiving money from other states to house prisoners and are holding these prisoners in solitary confinement. These prisoners were not in solitary before arriving to the PA prison system and have not had any infractions while being held in Pennsylvania. I have received letters from prisoners who have never been in the hole who are now contemplating suicide.

Also in retaliation, C.O. Huber notorious for destroying prisoner’s property and being sued by many is implicated once again in destruction of the property of Eric Maple. The DOC and the state of Pennsylvania has lost money due to this officer not being held accountable for destroying prisoners property on a consistent basis for years.

Eric Maple
DOC# EL6126

Superintendent Laurel Harry
Phone: (717) 737-4531

Secretary Wetzel

Calling to check on the well being of Eric Maple who is on a hunger strike for human rights violations.
Eric Maple has consistently been targeted and retaliated against for filing grievances regarding human rights violations at SCI Camp Hill
Out of State prisoners are being placed in solitary confinement for no other reason then there is nowhere else to put them. This is cruel and unusual treatment and a human rights violation.
Grown men are being fed miniscule food portions
Prisoners property shall not be destroyed in retaliation. C.O. Huber should be held accountable for the taxpayer money being wasted paying for the lawsuits against him.

Stop withholding meals from prisoners. When you do feed them assure that all prisoners be given portions consistent with a daily diet for a grown man.
Prisoners in solitary confinement should be able to purchase commissary so they will not starve.
Do not withhold yard, shower or any privilege in retaliation to filing grievances or for any other reason
Remove out of state prisoners from solitary. Stop housing prisoners from out of state if you have nowhere to put them.

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