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Boy of Ruin by K.V. Rose
TalkNerdy2me is excited to announce the Release Blitz for Boy of Ruin Unsainted IV by K.V. Rose!

Title: Boy of Ruin Unsainted IV
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Blitz Date: August 14th
Teaser Tuesday's every week until release

Series must be read in order and are not standalones.

*If you are on the master list, there is no need to sign up

Jeremiah Rain doesn’t give a f*ck about anything.⠀

Except for the girl he once called his sister.⠀

She’s the only person in the world who really knows him, and loves him despite his flaws.⠀

The only person in the world who thinks he’s worthy.⠀

But her heart is not just for him.⠀

And he can’t f*cking stand it.⠀

While the Unsaints battle for sanity and control in their own lives, Jeremiah and Sid push and pull one another toward the brink of ruin, all in the name of a sick and twisted kind of love.⠀

While they fight, Lucifer Malikov waits.⠀

But he won’t wait for long.⠀

And watching from the shadows, a vicious, wicked girl starts to see something in Jeremiah Rain that she sees in herself. A darkness that can’t be driven out. A sickness with no cure.⠀

Jeremiah Rain is a boy of ruin, and this girl? ⠀

She never did like the shiny things.
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