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Spring 2019 KSLU Policy Exam
Yeehaw! You made it this far.

Answer the questions to the best of your ability. You can refer back to the Station Manual or Training Slides if needed.

Please do well I don't want to kick you out.

DJ Info *
Name, E-mail Address, and phone number
Your answer
KSLU’s mission statement is committed to providing the SLU community with the best in: *
KSLU can be heard *
Alumni, Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members are all eligible to participate in KSLU. *
The ability to broadcast on KSLU is a
Participating in a KSLU Committee or attending at least 3 KSLU-sponsored events is mandatory for all first-semester DJs. *
DJs must notify either the Air Captain at least _____ in advance in the event of an absence from a show. *
what does "CMJ" stand for? *
CMJ spins are recorded weekly through *
It's acceptable to bring alcohol into KSLU if: *
What content standards does KSLU abide by? (Pick 2) *
How many Station IDs should be played/spoken for every hour of your show? *
Content that is INAPPROPRIATE for on-air play contains: *
If the door to the KSLU studio is locked when you come in for your show, what should you do? *
What should you do with the spare key when your show is over? *
When the cleaning staff visits KSLU, they: *
Food and Drink is not allowed in the: *
What is the most efficient way to prevent an obscenity from being played? *
The proper way to answer the phone is *
Who can submit to our music publication? *
The broadcast volume should be kept *
What is the phone number to call in and make a request in the KSLU control room? *
What is our Instagram handle? *
Your answer
What is the responsibility of the General Manager? *
KSLU's auto-rotation software is *
KSLU's online streaming software is (tricky!) *
Show spins are recorded on the *
Your planned show is running over, there is another DJ after you, what do you do? *
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