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Hampton Cup Regatta September 23-24, 2017
If you are interested in signing up please fill out this form. If you have any questions the POC for this event is Tina Howell ( or 757-303-4750. Below are the areas to volunteer in with brief descriptions please sign up for the shifts in the areas that you prefer if you have no preference then just check that box.

Dress Code: You will be in the sun most of the day, so feel free to wear a hat or sun glasses and check the weather for the day as well, as this event normally happens rain or shine. We want you comfortable so shorts or pants is up to you but please nothing with holes, close toed shoes are required (no flops or sandals). If you plan to be a racer assist then you may want to bring 2 pairs of shoes (if you are bringing water shoes make sure that they are close toed) as one will get wet. You will be given a t-shirt. All volunteers will receive soda/water and snacks throughout their shifts, if you volunteer all day you will receive lunch as well.

Most positions require you to be at least 18 but we do have some areas that you can volunteer in that you may be 14 and up with written parent permission or if your parent is volunteering during the event as well. If you want to volunteer, however, think that you are not able to because of a condition or restriction you may have, please feel free to ask, we may have some positions that you can still volunteer for.

Here are brief descriptions of each area that we are in need of help for, you will get detailed briefings when you arrive to start your shifts:

EVENT SET UP (Friday only) - Setting up tables, chairs, go out on a boat and help set the markers for the course, lots of lifting and pulling.

BEER - You must be 21, no drinking allowed during or between shifts (after shift only)

FLAGS - You will wave the flags (do not worry you will be taught which flag to wave when). You must be able to stand and have strong upper arms you will be holding and waving the flags for extended periods of time.

GRILL - Prefer same 2 people to run grill both days from 11am-3pm preparing burgers, hot dogs, chicken in hot pit area Saturday and Sunday.

RACER ASSISTS - You WILL get wet! You will need to bring a change of clothes or a towel in addition to shoes that you do not mind getting wet. Your function will be to assist the racers with various things that they may need. The most common assistance will be getting in the water about waist deep and holding their boats before and after the races. You will want to wear shoes for this. Water shoes or old sneakers are advised.

SECURITY BRIDGE - You will walk the bridge or sit at a check point and make sure folks are having a good time. You will also make sure they follow the rules to ensure a safe event for all. You will mostly walk and stand, however, we will have chairs at the check point areas for you to sit.

SECURITY PIT AREA - 9/10/17 Update: All Positions Filled. You will walk the Pit area or sit at a check point and make sure folks are having a good time. You will also make sure they follow the rules to ensure a safe event for all. You will check wristbands on people entering and exiting the Hot Pit area. You will do a lot of walking and standing.

TOW ASSIST - You will need to have a pick up or SUV with a tow hitch and be comfortable towing the boats, it will be short distances from the cold pit area over to the cranes for the boats to be hooked and lowered in the water.

SNACK PATROL - there will be 2 wagons one in the pit and one on the bridge that will be filled with snacks and cold beverages for the volunteers. Snack patrol will continuously walk those areas pulling the wagon checking on volunteers making sure they do not need anything.

TRASH - Pick up and change out the trash bags throughout the event

VIP - Mostly a shaded area there are a wide variety of positions that allow for sitting as well as standing, lifting, etc. Help with setting up food, serving food, drinks, selling tickets, checking ID's, putting on wristbands, etc.

NIGHT SECURITY - Will provide security for the bridge after event hours.

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