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PARQ Content Creation Campaign
General rules;

1 | All articles must be at least 500 words long, and contains links to the Website, Telegram Community and Whitepaper. A maximum of four unique articles per person are allowed. Reposts on high quality websites will be awarded 25% stakes (up to a maximum of two reposts per article)
2 | All videos must be at least 2:00 minutes long, featuring high quality content relevant to PARQ. A maximum of 3 videos per person are allowed, these must feature unique content.
3 | Forum posts must be at least 100 words long, and posted on a relevant cryptocurrency forum. A maximum of 10 forum posts per person are allowed (2 per forum)
4 | Synthetic voices, automatically generated content, slideshows and multi-part videos will be denied.
5 | All content must be original and hence free of plagiarism, if your articles fail plagiarizing checks you will be denied for stakes. Do not simply copy and paste somebody else’s work, or the website/whitepaper.
6 | Articles and videos with no, or very little viewership will be denied for rewards, fake or boosted view counts will be disqualified
7 | Content in the following languages are accepted English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Japanese. Other languages may be accepted for stakes based on quality, viewership and originality.
8 | Low quality entries will not receive any stakes. Articles will be judged at the bounty manager's discretion in terms of writing quality, viewership, engagement and creativity. Produce high quality content with a great audience, and you will be rewarded!

** Note that you must join the bounty support group **

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