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#NotTooFarAwaytoVote: Register US-Americans Abroad to Vote in the 2018 Election!
Global resistance groups around the world are coming together to organize #NotTooFarAwayToVote voter drive! Here are some steps for registering US-Americans to vote, from wherever you happen to be. This list was put together in collaboration by Americans Resisting Overseas and Progressive Action, Global Exchange.

Step 1: Spend some time exploring, a non-partisan website (create by Democrats Abroad) you can use to find out more information about voting from abroad. If you're eligible, get yourself registered if you haven't already. Deadlines vary state-by-state, but some are coming up in early 2018.

Step 2: Plan how to register eligible US-Americans in your community, ideally with your local resistance group! Think about places where you can meet up with people who might need to register. You can consider universities, cultural centers, or popular coffee-shops. Bring a laptop so you can invite folks to register on the spot. You could also hold your own voter registration party! Set a monthly target, for instance, that your group would like to try and register 30 people/month.

Step 3: Spread the word on social media using #NotTooFarAwayToVote! Post resources ( or pics of your resistance out registering folks.

Step 4: Track how many people your group registers per month, and how much you post on social media, and enter that info here! This will help us track and support our registration activities abroad.

Step 5: Feel good about the work that you did registering folks abroad! Our participation will have important impacts on the 2018 election.

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