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2016-17 Student Survey
What is your current grade level?
What is your gender?
What is your current GPA (grade point average)?
Which instructional strategies did your teachers implement in the classroom this school year? (check all that apply)
How beneficial were the instructional strategies in helping you learn the material?
Did your teachers use EAGLE throughout the year, other than on benchmark tests?
Benchmark tests helped prepare me for the EOC.
How often did your teachers use technology in the classroom this year? (example: promethean board, iPads, computer labs, etc.)
My teachers allowed students to use the Promethean Board during classroom lessons.
Did your teachers explain to you the purpose of Data Walls and Focus Quizzes?
After every Focus Quiz, did your teachers re-teach the material?
Did your teachers use Cooperative Learning Groups (small groups) in the classroom this school year?
How effective was Cooperative Learning in helping you understand the material?
Not very effective
Very effective
My teachers treat me with respect.
My teachers help me get the resources I need to succeed in class.
I feel comfortable going to my teachers with my concerns.
My teachers create a positive classroom environment.
I feel positive about coming to school most days.
I feel we have a positive school culture, here at Green Oaks.
In general, I believe the school is meeting the needs of our students.
For this school year, who was your favorite instructional teacher, and why? What did that teacher do differently during instructional time to keep you engaged?
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