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Expressions of Love Sessions Intake form

I look forward to connecting with you and your animal companions to hear the songs of the heart and translate their expressions of love they have for you. This information helps me get a direct connection with your animal through the picture and the location.

This communication session is only 15 minutes and limited to two animals - living or inspirit. Also, I can ask them about their expressions for no more than two people. For additional people and animals please purchase another session.

For returning clients you have the option to be on the phone when I am connected with your beloved companion or I can connect with them and then send you their love note via the mail. Please indicate your preference.

For new clients, it will be an phone session and you will also receive a love message in the mail.

I have listed a variety of questions below - please choose five. There is space for you to add your own question remember the focus this time it is all about the love. Also, I have space for you to write your declaration of love to them.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to fill out this form! It is an honor to be part of the conversation between you and your animal companion/s.

Let the love flow!

Animal's Name/s having conversation with: *
This communication session is only 15 minutes and limited to two animals - living or inspirit. If you have more than one animal I will be speaking with please add them.
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Animal's Age/s: *
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Species of animal: *
Dog, cat, horse etc.
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Type of animal/s: *
Black Lab, Siamese etc
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Contact Name: *
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Phone Number; *
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Address: Street, City, and State *
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Zip Code *
Providing your address helps me create a direct connect with your animal.
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Email address: *
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Name of one person or two people that this expression of love is for: *
Please indicate relationship of this person to you ex. husband, daughter etc.
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Please choose 5 statements that I will ask your buddy to complete. *
Imagine them saying this sentences as you choose. If you are adding some of your own please make them simple easy to complete statements.
What are you declarations of love you want to share with your sweetie?
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For new clients do you understand the appointment to share the love is over the phone?
For returning clients choose the type of appointment to share the love
Referred by:
My referral program is after 5 referrals a person receives a complimentary 1/2 hour session. So please let me know who referred you so I can send these loyal clients some love:)
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Please send a picture of animal/s before appointment to or text 206-250-6952.
Returning Clients only send a new one if it has been over an year since our last conversation.
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I do not share my list. You will receive a monthly newsletter and updates about upcoming HeartSong animal experiences, classes and ceremonies
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