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LGBTQ History and Sites in Colorado
The Colorado Historical Foundation has received a grant from the History Colorado State Historical Fund to develop a survey plan for sites associated with LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) history in Colorado. Previous surveys and studies of LGBTQ sites will be gathered and will inform the survey plan. This project, hopefully the first in a series, is aimed to provide local governments and the greater public with information about tangible historic sites that convey LGBTQ history in Colorado.

Such sites may be where LGBTQ activism and organization has taken place, where community leaders have lived and worked, or where the community has found safe places for gathering, creating, and affirming their lives and identities. Your input on what sites are important to this history is invaluable, and we appreciate your participation. If you would prefer to direct us to a local study of LGBTQ sites or share with us a list of sites rather than complete this form for each site you know of, please contact Cindy Nasky at
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Name of LGBTQ History Site *
Please provide a name for the site. For example, "Charlie's (Bar)" "[Activist Name] Home," or "AIDS Awareness Protest location"
Address or general location *
City, if known
County, if known
Association with LGBTQ History *
To the best of your knowledge, please indicate how the site is associated with LGBTQ History (which may extend to present time). Examples include, but are not limited to, a residence or work place of a known LGBTQ rights activist; meeting site or offices for LGBTQ organization; coffeeshop, bar, or bookstore where LGBTQ community has gathered; location of known LGBTQ protest; etc.
Date or date range of association, if known
Please indicate the date(s) the site is known to have been associated with LGBTQ events or community members. For example, "1972-present" or "1959"
Source(s) of information, if known
Please provide any source(s) of information on this site that support this association with LGBTQ history.
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