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SwingStreet West - Level A Registration
Please fill in the form below to register for SwingStreet classes, once submitted, we will get back to you about your admission status!

1. Filling this form does not guarantee you admission! We will inform you about your admission status.
2. When registering with a partner, both lead and follow need to fill in a separate form
3. Second Lindy hop course in the same lesson period is half price! (Discounts not applicable for 5/6 week theme classes)

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Are you a leader or a follower? *
When signing up for Lindyhop classes, follows are advised to sign up with a partner to increase their chances of getting admitted
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Your partner also has to sign up for his/herself, no partner required for jazz
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How many courses would you like to follow?
ex. 3 courses = East - L1, East Jazz, West charleston
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Students will receive a 5 euro discount
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