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San Andreas Realism Roleplay | Application
Please ensure you have read and understood our community rules and regulations prior to submitting an application. Please allow up to 72 hours (3 days) for processing your application. You will receive a response to your application from a recruiter via direct message on Discord. Please join our Discord using the link on our website ( Our community rules can be found here:

**Due to the maturity required and content of certain roleplay scenes, we enforce the following age restrictions:
Civilians: 14+
Law Enforcement: 15+
Dispatchers: 13+
Fire/EMS: 14+

**Exceptions to these rules are made on a case-by-case basis. However, applicants must be MINIMUM 13+ with or without an exception.

**If you are below the age requirement for your desired department, you may submit your application anyways, however your acceptance is not guaranteed. Those who are not seen fit for an emergency service role may be asked to join civilians on a "probationary period" in order to assess their maturity.

**Providing false information on this application will result in a permanent ban from SAR-RP.

-You must provide a valid email address so we can respond to your application.
-Have the following programs:
-- Discord, TeamSpeak 3, GTA V, FiveM -- Dispatchers do not need to have GTA 5 or FiveM.
-A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC as well as a PC capable of playing it. This is not for consoles.
-- Dispatchers still require a PC. You cannot dispatch from a tablet or phone.
-If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let your recruiter know once they respond to your email, or place them in the questions/comments section at the end of this application so they can be addressed in the initial email.

Email address *
Real Name *
First and last name - THIS IS YOUR REAL NAME!
Preferred Username/RP Name
You may use a name in the format of a single name, first initial and last name, or first name and last initial, which will be accompanied by your unit number once assigned. Titles like "Corporal" or "Commissioner" or "CommissionerJohn" for example, are NOT allowed. This does not have to be your real name. For instance: Steve, S. Johnson or Steve J. ***DO NOT INCLUDE ANY KIND OF UNIT NUMBER***
Discord name and 4-digit identifier *
This is case sensitive! -- Example: Johndoe123#5678 -- You may join our discord by visiting our website at
What is today's date? *
Age: *
Providing false information will result in an automatic denial and permanent ban from SAR-RP.
What year were you born? *
Department of Choice: *
Why did you choose the department you selected? *
Please include any prior experience you may have, real-life or roleplay. 3-4 sentences minimum.
Why do you want to join SAR-RP? *
Auxiliary Department Choice: *
If your main department choice is not available, please tell us what the next best choice would be.
If you chose a law enforcement operation, what is your department of choice? *
Every night, patrols usually start around 6:30PM EST. With this being said, how many patrols per week would you be able to make on average? *
Members of SAR-RP are required to maintain an activity requirement of one day per week but special arrangements can be made with approval from Senior Staff or higher.
Are you currently a member of or affiliated with any other FiveM communities? *
While multiclanning is not prohibited at SAR-RP, applicants who intend to multiclan must declare they are doing so and attempt to balance their available time between SAR-RP and any other communities. Members who do not show up and are constantly playing on other servers during our patrol time may be removed.
If you intend to multiclan, please list all communities you are in as well as your rank and approximate length of service with them. *
Name of Clan - Rank/Position/Affiliation - Approx. Tenure/Service Time -- EXAMPLE: JohnDoe's RPC FiveM - Sergeant - 3 months
Are you currently a YouTuber or Streamer? *
If so, do you intend to stream/record content at SAR-RP? *
Those who intend to stream/record will be checked for content quality before being permitted to do so.
How did you hear about San Andreas Realism Roleplay? *
Have you read, do you understand, and do you agree to our Community Rules? * -- If you do not agree, please close this application now.
Do you formally declare that all information provided on this application is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge and ability? *
Do you understand and acknowledge that San Andreas Realism Roleplay is a fictional FiveM roleplay community utilizing GTA V and is NOT affiliated with any other communities, entities, or real life government agencies? *
[OPTIONAL] - Any questions or comments? // Any additional information you would like to provide that you feel we should know or for the purpose of enhancing your application? *
Please put N/A if nothing.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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