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UPG Priority Matrix Questionnaire
Simply fill out this form for a particular unreached people group in a metropolitan area to be incorporated into the UPG Priority Matrix. You do not need to answer a question if you do not know the answer.
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What is the name of the people group? *
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In which metropolitan area (name one) do they live? *
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What is their estimated population size in the metro area?
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Name the neighborhoods or towns where they are concentrated.
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What is their primary religion?
What is their primary country of origin?
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What is their region of origin?
Use to assign a number using the people group's Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (GSEC) score in their home country (GSEC 0=100, GSEC 1=65-95, GSEC 2=35-60, GSEC 3=5-30).
Assign a number based on churches made up of the people group in the metro area. (100=No Churches, 60-95=Near-culture and/or non-evangelistic churches, 40-55=At Least One Evangelistic Church, 15-35=Several Evangelistic Churches, 5-10=Church Planting Movement)
Assign a number based on the amount of ministry engagement among the people group in the city? (High=No Evangelism or Ministry, Low= Abundant Evangelism and Ministry)
Assign a number based on the amount of indigenous believers in the city? (High=No Indigenous Believers, Low= Abundance of Evangelistic Indigenous Believers)
Assign a number based on the global significance of the people group's presence in the city? (High=Highest Concentration in World Outside High Threat/Low Access Areas, Low= Little Global Signifigance)
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