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COMMUNITY CONSULTATION SURVEY 2019 Caves House Hotel, Yallingup
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How often do you visit Caves House Hotel?
What is your favourite thing about Caves House Hotel?
If any, which ticketed events have you previously attended at Caves House Hotel?
Have you ever been personally impacted by noise from a Caves House Hotel event?
If so, what kind of noise disturbance, if any, have you experienced?
Do you have any suggestions how event-related noise could be better managed in the future?
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Have you ever submitted an event-related noise complaint to Caves House Hotel? If so please explain how you reported this and how it was dealt with?
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Are you satisfied with Caves House Hotel's current Noise Management Plan based on previous experience?
What else can Caves House Hotel do for you in regards to noise management for any events?
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Finally, what genre of music would you like to see at Caves House in future?
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