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The Tony DUrso Show - Questionnaire
The Tony DUrso Show is the #1 show on the VoiceAmerica Network with over 500 interviews and 13+ million Downloads. - Wesley Snipes, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Kevin Harrington and many others have been interviewed.

"Our audience loves hearing and learning from the success of successful people in their category, whom I call 'Elite Entrepreneurs.' It's my passion."

We receive 100s of requests to get on Tony's Show. This Questionnaire assists the selection process for interviews. If you are selected, there is one more form to fill out after this.

Interview Schedule: Currently recording in 4th quarter 2021, for broadcast 1st half of 2022.

You will have an option to get an Immediate Interview with Tony on the next form.

Please answer all questions. Incomplete forms are disregarded.
Full name of guest.
Email of guest's media contact or assistant.
Email of guest.
This is the direct email for the guest, not media.
Twitter Profile URL
Enter "no" if guest does not have.
Instagram Profile URL
Enter "no" if guest does not have.
LinkedIn Profile URL
Enter "no" if guest does not have.
Any other social media with an extremely large audience? Provide URL (s) if so.
Give a sentence of what guest is most well-known.
Does guest have a book to promote?
Give the title if "yes." Otherwise, answer "no."
Does guest have a free offer for the audience? If so, provide the link.
Has guest listened to Tony's show?
If no, please listen to a show. The simplest location is
Enter the guest name of the show you listened to and what is your sense of the style?
What is the guest's subject and how does it related to Tony's show?
Clear point of differentiation: How are you different from other people in your industry? What is unique about your message?
If interviewed by Tony, what is the practical insight/tool that our listeners will leave with?
Guests are required to share the interview to their entire email list and social media promotions.
Having a Great Interview requires high-speed hardwired Internet & a separate professional microphone. - No cell phone interviews.
Make the effort to sound your best for Tony's audience. - Computer microphones are not acceptable. - Connected via WiFI is not acceptable.
Recording Rights: *
By participating in The Tony DUrso Show interview, you agree to allow Tony DUrso and his assigns, to record, distribute, and disseminate the interview in any manner. You also agree to allow Tony DUrso to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.
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