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New York is known for its superheroes—from the ones in comic books to the real-life activists like those at Stonewall.

Sticking to traditional Pink Flamingo rules (below), express your superhero fabulousness and get ready for a competition that will make us gag!

(1) Teams can register one Pink Flamingo.
(2) Teams can include any number of participants.
(3) Skits should not exceed five minutes; we’ll let you know if there’s time for longer.
(4) Skits should not include speaking; signs are okay but they certainly won’t earn you any points for creativity.
(5) Music is encouraged.
(6) Originality is rewarded.

Impress the judges with your costumes, your humor, your preparation, and your clever interpretation of the theme.

Good luck... And DON’T f**k it up!

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