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The Bridge App - Information Sheet
We are excited to partner with your local church and The Bridge App. Prior to onboaring your church for using The Bridge App, we need some basic information from you to set you up in our system. Please complete all of the questions with as much detail as possible.
The Bridge App
The name of the person in your church who will be the key administrative contact for The Bridge App. *
The email address of the key administrative contact. *
The name of your church *
The address of your church *
Your City *
Your Province *
Your Postal Code *
If you know it, please provide the "yearbook identification number" that you use in the yearly yearbook questionnaire that you receive from the denomination. This will be your Bridge App "customer identification number" and it will help us to ensure that we identify you correctly. Feel free to leave this blank if this information is not readily available.
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