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10 Questions About 3D scans
We're collecting feedback on our 3D scans, and our records show you've downloaded some content in the past year. Answer these 10 questions and enter your email for a chance to win 10x 300 credits at!
Are you satisfied with the detail of the non-textured head scans? (These scans are priced at 4 credits per scan)
For the non-textured head and body scans, were you able to find the associated model's photo references?
Are you satisfied with the detail of the textured head scans? (These scans cost 7-30 credits, depending on poly count)
For the textured head scans, did you find the texture resolution adequate?
Do you prefer raw, lost cost scans or cleaned, higher cost scans?
Do you prefer raw, unprocessed textures or higher cost, touched up textures?
I'd like to see more ...
I'd like to see more ...
Any other thoughts or feedback about the scans on
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