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IFMAR 2018 World Championships Application Form - AARCMCC
1. Applicant must be a financial member of an AARCMCC affiliated club.
2. Places to a world championship are limited. Application, including payment, must be received before the nominated cutoff date. Applications will processed based on ranked driver positions within the relevant section.
3. Successful applicants will be notified by email.
4. The balance of entry fees will be payable within 14 days of the application being successful. Non payment of any balance will result in the position being passed to the next applicant in line.
5. Should the successful applicant not be able to attend the World Championship event for ANY reason, their place will be offered to the next applicant in line. If there is no application to fill this place, the applicant forfeits their entire entry fee.
6. All applications via this form are considered an Expression of Interest until such time as your application is reviewed and accepted by the relevant AARCMCC committee.
7. Successful applicants to AARCMCC will be notified via email and you will be invoiced for a $350 AUD deposit. Once paid, your application will then be forwarded to FEMCA / IFMAR for nomination of entry acceptance.
8. Once a nomination has been successfully accepted by IFMAR the deposit will be NON REFUNDABLE. Unsuccessful nominations will have their deposit refunded in full.
9. Be prepared for additional costs. Control Tyres, Team Shirts, Fuel, Accomodation, Flights, Compulsory VISA fees etc as applicable are all extra. Some or all may be arranged by AARCMCC on your behalf, with the final costs being your responsibility.
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