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Teldaria Helper Application
Please only apply ONCE. Submitting multiple applications will get your application REJECTED!
Which server are you applying for?
What is your in-game name? *
What is your forum account name/email? *
How old are you? *
What is your timezone? *
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Who sponsored you? (Must be a mod+!! Put N/A if you don't have one.)
How long have you been playing Minecraft? *
How many hours/days a week will you be able to play and moderate on Teldaria? *
Why should we hire you for this position? *
What do you hope to gain from this position, and how would you improve the server? *
If you see one of our staff members was breaking server policy, what would you do? *
How did you find out about our server? *
What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? *
If you see someone asking how they claim their house, what would you do? *
If someone was spamming chat, despite several previous warnings, and the staff has yet to react, what would you do? *
Are you willing to socialize with the other staff members on Discord? *
If No, why not?
What servers have you previously been staff on? *
What was your position? Provide websites and IPs.
Can you remain objective and not be bias towards anyone? *
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