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ANAMED - NIT - ARIT - TEBE Libraries Joint Membership Application
Filling this form is required for using Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) Library, Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT) Library, The American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Library and The Turkish Institute of Archaeology (TEBE) Library. Both libraries have limited working space; and accept applications only from researchers who work in the social science and humanities fields listed below. The library staff has the right to reject applications if the membership criteria are not met.
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ANAMED - NIT - ARIT - TEBE Libraries Rules & Policy Statement
Koç University's Research Center for Antatolian Civilizations (ANAMED), Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT) Library, The American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Library and The Turkish Institute of Archaeology (TEBE) Library primarily serve the fellows of ANAMED and NIT, as well as Koç University students/faculty members. We welcome applications from outside scholars and advanced graduate students who do research in anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, cultural heritage, cultural preservation, history, museum studies and urban studies in Turkey; and who need access to these four libraries located in Merkez Han for their own research. Access to the libraries is granted through this membership system.

Becoming A Member

The ANAMED, NIT, ARIT, TEBE Libraries have collections for the study of history, art, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, cultural heritage, art history, cultural preservation, museum studies, and urban studies. The collections are subject-specific and there is limited seating within the libraries; thus only those who fall under the following categories may apply for membership:

• Former ANAMED and NIT Fellows
• Students/Researchers in the level of MA/Doctorate or Independent Scholars, who do research in those subjects collected at the ANAMED, NIT, ARIT, TEBE Libraries:

- Archaeology
- Architecture
- Art History
- Cultural Heritage
- Cultural Preservation
- History
- Museum Studies
- Urban Studies

Member status permits the users:
-to work in the libraries during working hours.
-to use both print and e-resources.
-to make 3 book requests from the Koç University Main Library for publications not present in ANAMED, NIT, ARIT, TEBE libraries.

Member status does not permit the users:
-to borrow books.
-to use the libraries outside of the working hours.

To apply for membership, please complete the ANAMED - NIT - ARIT - TEBE Libraries Membership Application Form and upload the required documents to the online system.

If you are a former ANAMED or NIT fellow,
- A photo

If you are an academic or an affiliate researcher,
- An official staff ID/letter from employee
- A photo

If you are a Master's/PhD Student
- A copy of student certificate/unofficial transcript
- A photo

If you are an independent scholar
- A letter of intent that shows the need to use the collections of at least one of the libraries
- A Photo

Completed forms should be handed together with the necessary documents. Applications with missing documents would not be accepted.

All members are issued a Library Identity Card that serves as photo identification and must be shown at the security/librarians desk in Merkez Han.

Information collected in this form will not be used for any purpose other than membership to the two libraries, will not be shared with any other institutions, and will be destroyed when the person's membership expires, or if the application is rejected.


- No person may use any part of the Library until s/he has been formally admitted as a library member. All users on admission must read and sign the following declaration, to which they are committed:

“I hereby undertake not to remove from the library any materials; not to mark, defile or injure in any way any volume, document, or other object belonging to it or in its custody; not to smoke; and not to use a cellular phone in the libraries. I further promise to obey all other rules of the Libraries.”

- Cellular phones must be turned off before entering the Libraries.

- All users must leave their belongings in the coat check areas before entering the Libraries. Libraries can not be responsible for any lost property.

- Silence must be observed at all times.

- Users in the ANAMED Library can leave books which they want to use for a long-term on the shelves marked “Library Books in Use”

- Taking photographs in the library requires permission.

- Wireless network must not be used to download programs, films, music etc. beyond the scope of the user’s research.

- Computers must be used only for catalog searches and prints.

- No user may enter the library before opening time, and all users must leave the library by closing time. All users must leave the library immediately, if asked to do so by a staff member, in the case of an emergency or on hearing the fire alarm.

- Food and drink (except bottled water) are not allowed in the libraries. Drinking cups are not provided.

- The patron must pay the cost of any damage s/he inflicts upon library properties, including books and periodicals.

- A particular seat or table can not be allocated to any user for continuous use.

- The Libraries have scanning, printing and photocopy services for the members. The members need to ask the librarian to send the documents to the printer from the main desk computer. In the ANAMED Library, printing and photocopying is 10 kuruş per page. In the NIT library, printing and photocopying is 20 kuruş per page. Scanning is free in both of the libraries, but users must follow the copyright restrictions and must not scan full books.

Upload Your Proof of Affiliation
If you are a student, upload a student certificate or unofficial transcript:

If you are an academic, upload a scan of your university ID:

Upload Your Personal Photo
Please upload your personal photo to be used in your membership card:
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I agree to adhere to the rules of the ANAMED, NIT, ARIT, TEBE Libraries and permit to all kind of administrative and legal measures by the library staff if I do not follow the rules outlined above.
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