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SFD+I 2021 Work/Study Application
Velocity’s Summer Work/Study program provides the opportunity for participants to receive discounted
attendance to the Seattle Festival of Dance + Improvisation in exchange for festival support.


Work/Study participants are an integral support system for all intensives and classes within SFD+I. This year, all Work/Study participants will perform duties that can either be done remotely or in-person. Digital Work/Study participants will support online classes through check-in and monitoring sound and video, and assisting the teacher with breakout rooms or other zoom tasks. In-person Work/Study participants will perform tasks that include supporting staff with class check-in and safety protocols, providing in-room support to teaching faculty, and light maintenance cleaning of the studios.

Work/Study positions are allocated based on an applicant’s expressed availability/commitment to the festival and demonstrated financial need.

The expected time commitment is no more than 5hrs/week outside of class times.


Work/Study participants receive a 75% discount for the intensive or class that they support. Work/Study rates are:

- Digital Intensives: $25 / 3-day intensive
- Digital classes: $3.50 / class

- In-person Intensives: $100 / 4-day intensive
- In-person classes: $7.50 / class

If Work/Study participants want to register for the full festival in addition to the intensive or classes they are supporting, they can purchase a full digital pass for $75, or a full festival pass (if the intensive they are supporting is in-person) for $140. Because of the reduced capacity of SFD+I's in-person offerings, we can only offer one discounted work/study spot per in-person class or intensive.

SFD+I is July 12 - August 7. Please see our website for more schedule information.


Fill out this form by June 6, 2021 for the priority deadline, or on a rolling basis to fill remaining positions.
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Applications are accepted for both remote and local tasks.
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