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SPCA Blue Cross Registration Form 2021
Participant Registration form: NB – Each and every participant/entrant or guardian thereof MUST complete his/her OWN Registration Form to enable the Event organisers to capture contact details and disseminate event information”
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Full Name *
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Contact number
Event *
Team name
Payment to be made upon registration. NOTE: No positions will be reserved until payment has been made.
Payment Date
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Payment method
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1. I, ( Full Name ) *
acknowledge that *
entered, and will participate in the 2020 Blue Cross Ultra Distance Event (hereafter referred to as the ‘Event’) entirely at my own risk. *
2. By submitting this on-line registration form, I hereby waive and abandon all my rights to make any claims, or institute any legal actions whatsoever, whether for me or my child, against the organisers of the Event, their officials, agents, employees or volunteers arising out of, or in any way related to, any loss, damage, death, injury or misadventure arising in the course of the Event to me/my child (as applicable ) whether or not caused by the fault or negligence of the organizers, their officials, agents, employees or volunteers. *
3. I confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of (Full name of any child under the age of 18 years or NA if not applicable) *
and I agree that the terms of this Waiver of Rights shall apply equally to all registered participants. *
4. I confirm that I have acquainted myself with the contents of the Blue Cross website and I understand that all participants are required to be entirely self-sufficient. *
5. I confirm that my seconder/back up crew/team mates will be in possession of my personal details, including those of my Medical Aid/Casualty Evacuation arrangements, my Next of Kin and my General Practitioner’s contact details. *
I understand that completing the event and raising at least the minimum sponsorship entitles me to membership of the Blue Cross Association. A copy of the Blue Cross Constitution is available for download from If I am successful
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