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UKLA & LoveReading4Schools Partnership Teacher Review Panel Sign-up
Welcome to LoveReading4Schools. We are delighted that you are here in your capacity as a UKLA member and are interested in embarking upon this journey with us.

It is LoveReading’s mission to get more people reading by getting them excited about books. LoveReading4Schools is a critical part of this and one we take very seriously.

As a community we believe we have a social responsibility to support time-strapped teachers and librarians in schools to help engender a life-long love of learning in students.

To this end we are re-launching LoveReading4Schools this December. The new website comes with tons of added functionality and will have a fully updated set of reading recommendation lists for every year group from Early Years to YA books.

LoveReading’s job is one of curation, presenting a selected list of regular reading recommendations for our audiences. These selections are delivered by the team of editorial experts and are complemented by our consumer reading review panels.

This partnership will include us working with UKLA to help recruit a Panel of Teacher Reviewers. This panel will work with LoveReading4Schools to review books supplied by publishers, with the aim of us then choosing Teachers Books of the Month.

You can sign up to the panel here, but do read on to find out more about how it works:

a) You sign up using the form below, telling us about the age range and genre of books you are interested in.

b) We save your genre preferences and when authors and publishers ask us for reviews you receive an email with your best title matches. This stops you getting a lot of emails about books that may not be of interest to you. You may also get an option to read an extract of the potential book before you agree to review it.

c) If you want to review the book, you simply let us know and we send you a digital copy in MOBI, EPUB or PDF subject to availability. There will sometimes be print copy opportunities but it is most likely that you will receive a digital copy.

d) We ask for your honest feedback within 3 weeks of receiving the book. We only want your true opinion as open feedback is useful, We also ask your permission for the authors and publishers to be cleared to use your feedback.

We really look forward to you joining our team!

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