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TFA IQT Application
Please fill out this form if you are seeking to host an invitational IQT tournament for 2019-2020
School's Unique TEA Number *
High School Name *
Coach Name *
What TFA Region is the school a part of? *
Cell Phone Number of Coach *
Is this tournament a swing? *
If yes, the tournament is a swing, what school are you hosting with?
What is your first choice for a host weekend? *
What is your second choice for a host weekend? *
What is your third choice for a host weekend? *
Coach E-Mail *
Is this your 1st time hosting an IQT? *
If yes, what are the names of two current or former coaches that would be willing to mentor you for this IQT? Note: They must be present at your tournament.
Did you use your judge bond at TFA State 2019 to pay for this application fee? *
If no, there is a $250 application fee for hosting an IQT. $25 goes to TFA, and $225 goes to your joyoftournament registration. By clicking yes, you understand that your application will not be processed until this fee is paid. (If you used your judge bond go ahead and click yes as well) *
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