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Lock In Your Spot to Get UNLIMITED $25 And $50 BTC Payments
See how you can earn unlimited $25 and $50 Bitcoin commissions without sponsoring qualifications

Step 1. Fill in this form right away
Step 2. Log into your account and download the app and join the telegram channel
Step 3. Set up a wallet to receive unlimited payments.
Step 4. Open the app and watch the videos including how you get paid!
Step 5. Join our facebook training and support page 
Go to manage notifications and click on All Posts to get time sensitive notifications... money loves speed!

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UNLIMITED $25 And $50 BTC Payments
Never Ending $25 And $50 BTC Payments - No Sponsoring Required
NON STOP UNLIMITED $25 & $50 BTC Payments (from people I don't know)
Here's how it works: earn unlimited $25 and $50 Bitcoin commissions while sleeping
What is BitLocity?  How can it make you money?
BONUS: How to make WAYYYY more than just $25 $50 payments all day long.  Follow the steps into the matrix and refer just a few people to Create a MASSIVE Bitcoin Money Machine that's unstoppable!  (you can't stop smart contracts even if you wanted to)
Step 1. Upgrade to higher packages.  I recommend up to the $2000 package to see INSANE Amounts of money in BTC coming to you daily!  

Step 2. Copy your referral link and send your friends this message:

Proven script, copy and paste:  Don't think about it, just do it (it works crazy good!)

Hi how are you doing?    -- Wait for reply --

I'm teaming up with some friends to help launch a bitcoin business that can help a lot of people during this pandemic, can I send you a 6 min video and let me know what you think?  --They say yes or okay ---

here is the video  It's only 6 minutes long and shows how we can help people get $25 to $50 bitcoin payments into their wallet, even if they don't refer anyone!  It only works because we have a huge team of 100,000 people already that will be crushing this thing.  Let me know what you think, I can hook you up with a spot to be paid next in line! -- they reply --

yeah here is my link to get you a spot right away next in line to get paid in this business.  YOUR LINK The founders have been around for a long time and they do live webinars every week.  There is even a free app that shows you step by step on how to get started, a life saver for new people that never done any online business or marketing.    Let me know filled out the form, so I can tell you what next.  

We also have a fb support group page that will help you get started for updates and support

Get ready to stack those bitcoin!

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