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Early English Colonies Quiz
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1. Which of the following below is the BEST defines the term "colony?" *
2. Which of the following BEST describes the English Colony of Roanoke? *
3. Who was the first European child born in America? *
4. Which of the following terms carved into a tree was the only evidence discovered about what happened to the Colony of Roanoke? *
5. Which of the following was the first successful English colony? *
6. Which of the following was a problem in the colony of Jamestown? *
7. Who was the English military man who helped save the Colony of Jamestown? *
8. Who was the Indian princess who interacted with the Jamestown settlement and eventually married John Rolfe? *
9. Which of the following crops eventually saved Jamestown and made the colony rich? *
10. Jamestown eventually grows into which of the colonies below? *
11. Why did the Pilgrims leave England in 1620? *
12. Which of the colonies below was founded by the Pilgrims in what is now Massachusetts? *
13. Which of the following ships below brought the Pilgrims to America? *
14. After a harsh first winter in Plymouth, how did the Pilgrims learn to survive in America? *
15. Which of the following American holidays was first celebrated by the Pilgrims? *
16. The Puritans were a group of colonist who based all of their laws on their interpretation of which of the following? *
17. Which of the following BEST describes a Puritan lifestyle? *
18. Which of the following BEST describes what the Puritans wanted to build? *
European Colonies in the Americas Then and Now
19. Using the maps above, which European nation built colonies along the east coast of what became the United States? *
20. For which of the following reasons were the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay founded? *
21. For which of the following reasons was the colony of Jamestown founded? *
22 A. In which of the following colonies would you choose to live? *
23. Compose a well written paragraph to answer the following question: In which of the four early English colonies would you like to settle? Explain your answer using the historical facts you learned during this section.
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