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Spring 2017 AVID Evaluation
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I know how to take Cornell notes in all classes.
I actually use C-notes in all classes.
I revise, summarize, and add questions to my C-notes.
I can identify the level of questions my teachers ask.
I can write a TPEQEA paragraph that makes a strong claim and asks the reader to take action.
I can take notes in a way that helps me remember material.
I can study in a way that helps me remember material.
I have an organized binder.
I keep a planner, Google calendar, or set phone alarms so I know when my work is due.
I feel like LEC is a family of learners.
I know how to act like a successful student.
I know how to set goals.
I frequently meet my goals.
I know how to study.
I actually study.
I know what careers are interesting to me.
I know what college I want to go to, or have a few options.
I can create a plan to finish a large assignment.
I can share information with a group in presentations.
Please check off any activities you would keep if you were in charge of teaching AVID:
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Complete the sentence: AVID felt like a waste of my time when... *
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What have you enjoyed most about the AVID elective? *
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Last year we practiced TPEQEA, annotations, seminars, and more during Cobra Kickoff. Is there anything that we do at LEC that you wish we had introduced at Cobra Kickoff? Why would that be helpful? *
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Next year our hope is to offer focused AVID Strands to freshmen (They get to choose!). Please review the strands here: What strand sounds most interesting? If you could add a strand, what would you add? *
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Who has helped you the most this semester? Give that person/those people a shout out! *
Remember, this will be shared next Monday so avoid inside jokes, etc :)
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