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ID19 MC Application
Hey there! ISA is super excited to present ID19: Rameo & Juliet: A Love Story. However, we're missing one crucial component: our lovely MC's who bring the entire show together. If you're looking for a stage to display your goofy jokes, unbearable puns, and unique character, this is the perfect opportunity! Anyone can be an MC- you do not have to be a 4th year. You can apply to be an MC by submitting a 1 minute video of your ideas for India Day 2019 and email it to both Divya (dms5pc) and Rishabh (rn5ud) by 11:59 PM on February 25th (Monday).

If you are applying as a group, try to keep the groups under SIX people and only ONE person needs to fill this form out. Also a friendly remember to keep all jokes and dialogues PG-appropriate since our audience had little kids and adults as well. Feel free to email us with any questions.
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