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Marketing Survey
The purpose of this survey is to help you understand the best marketing strategies for your business, to determine changes in the marketplace and for us to gain knowledge of what wedding businesses are doing to promote their businesses. This survey, conducted by, will not be shared with any third party.

•• If you opt to share your email address, we will send you the results of this survey so you can understand what your industry peers are doing for their marketing efforts.••

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How important is it for you to receive recommendations from satisfied clients?
How important is walk-in traffic to your business?
How important is it for you to advertise in wedding magazines?
How important is it for you to advertise in your local newspaper?
How important is direct mail to your business? (Sending out marketing mailers)
How important are Google Ads and/or SEO to your business?
How important are bridal shows and/or party showcases to your business?
How important is it for you to network with other wedding vendors?
Other (Please Specify)
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2. How do you proactively network with businesses that have the same clientele but do not compete with you? Please check all answers that apply.
3. How often do you exhibit at bridal shows and/or party planning showcases? Please check all that apply.
4. How do you follow up after a show? Please select all that apply.
5. Do you maintain a database of your customers to keep your name in front of them after they completed their business with you?
6. How do you communicate with your customers? Please select all that apply.
7. What social media platforms are you active on and how often do you post on them?
1-3 times a week
4-6 times a week
Once a day
Once a month
N/A; Do not use
8. Who manages your social media?
9. What do you post about on social media? Please select all that apply.
10. Do you offer as referral incentives to your customers for recommending a customer that buys from you?
11. How do you collect testimonials? (You may check more than one)
12. What review platforms are you cultivating reviews on and how many reviews do you receive?
No reviews
1-10 reviews
11-20 reviews
21-50 reviews
50+ reviews
The Knot
13. What kinds of promotional materials do you distribute to your prospective customers? Please select all that apply.
14. How do you spend time on public relations (sending press releases, doing in-store seminars, or writing articles that educate the consumer)?
15. When was the last time your website was updated?
18. Do you have an SSL Certificate?
19. What platform was your website built on?
20. Do you do e-commerce on your website?
21. If you responded with yes, please describe what you sell, if you added your own products or not, or what suppliers you link to and sell their products.
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22. Do you advertise or market online?
23. If you said yes, where do you advertise? Select all that apply.
24. How much per month do you invest in advertising online (if you know off-hand)?
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25. What percentage of customers say they found out about you looking online?
26. Who you are
Please tell us who you are so we can continue to update you with marketing ideas.
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Business Name
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27. My business operates from...
28. I would be interested in receiving information on the following services: (check any that apply)
29. I am interested in exploring the services I have selected:
30. Please give us more details of when we should contact you, such as the best time and how.
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