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BCBA Diversity Survey
At BCBA, our members include many of the future leaders of the biotechnology industry, and as such we are in a unique position to make a long-term difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion in biotech.

To help us advance this goal more effectively, we would like to invite you to participate in an anonymous survey of the demographics and outlook of our members. This will greatly help us better understand where we most need to focus and prioritize our efforts. We plan to repeat this survey annually to track our progress towards becoming a more inclusive organization. 

We really appreciate your time in helping us advance this crucial work.

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Race/Ethnicity (Please check all that apply) *
Gender Identity *
Sexual Orientation *
Do you identify as a first-generation college student? *
Do you identify as being from a low income background? *
Are you a US citizen? *
Age Range *
How well do you feel BCBA is doing on prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)? (i.e. diversity of our speakers, how well-represented you feel in our organization, etc.) *
Not well at all
Really well
Optional: What specific challenges have you faced as a part of BCBA and how could we best address these issues in the future?
How welcome do you feel in the biotechnology ecosystem outside of BCBA? If you have not yet engaged with the biotechnology ecosystem outside of BCBA, how welcoming do you feel the industry is to people who share your social identifiers? *
Not welcome at all
Very welcome
Optional: What specific challenges have you faced in the biotech ecosystem outside of BCBA, and how could we best address these issues as an organization?
What is your current position? *
Are/were you affiliated with any of following schools in the Bay Area (please select all that apply)? *
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What is your highest degree? (e.g. PhD, MS, Postdoc, MBA). If you prefer not to say, please enter "Prefer not to say". *
In what role(s) are/were you involved with BCBA (please select all that apply)? *
Optional: Do you have any suggestions for BCBA to increase diversity and inclusion in our organization and in the biotechnology industry as a whole? If you would like to get involved with our future DEI initiatives please email Tobias Schmid, VP of DEI at
Optional: Do you have any general suggestions or event ideas for BCBA?
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