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Editorial Talent Acquisition- Online assessment form
Submit your details via the form and complete a short screening test.
1. This test includes 10 multiple-choice questions for correction.
2. It is designed to assess your knowledge of English grammar, word choice, and sentence construction.
3. The entire test should take about 30 minutes to complete.
4. You will not be able to make changes to your answers once you click on “Submit.”
5. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
6. You will not be able to retake the test. You can, however, reapply and reattempt the test after 2 months.
7. We do not share the correct answers as we re-use the test.

If you achieve a passing score on the 1st component of the test, you will be invited to take a round of subject-specific tests, followed by interviews.

All the best!

* If you face any difficulties while attempting the test, email us at Please add this email address to your address book to ensure you receive future emails.

* Please note that we are currently not hiring from the State of New York.

If you are from New York OR if you do not find your area of specialization listed in the form below, please email your resume to, and we will let you know if there are any suitable openings in the future.

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Do you have any prior academic writing or editing experience? *
Do you have any experience as a peer reviewer with a journal or worked as a editor directly with any journal? *
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1. Joe is very angry ________ his boss's decision to promote James. *
2. I would have regretted it if I ________ to marry you. *
3. I look forward to _______ you. *
4. I’ve noticed that only when I scold him _______ he take me seriously. *
5. Mary has always thought the ________ of her mother. *
6. You'd better take these papers with you ______ you need them for your meeting *
7. When Sam was a child, he ________ spend hours every day playing with stones in the garden. *
8. The findings of the survey ________ the researcher’s theory. *
9. The researchers are ________ an experiment. *
10. The prototype was _________ the one created by his father two years ago. *
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