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Food Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in participating at Spirit of 150 Victoria - First Night Celebration.


In addition to generating revenue, all events provide vendors with additional marketing opportunities to increase their profile. Providing a diverse and multicultural selection is our goal, and vendors who participate in the First Night Celebration will have priority in the selection for the eleven-day Spirit of 150 Celebration leading up to Canada Day. If selected, you will be asked to provide additional information in a timely manner to meet deadlines or you may be excluded. All applications are juried by a team from Atomique Productions, who is the contractor for this event.

Submission Instructions:

- The deadline to submit your Vendor Application is November 28th and vendors will be selected by November 30th.

- All applicants will be notified regarding the status of their application by Friday, December 2nd and successful applicants will be issued a separate contract for each event they have been selected for.

- Upon acceptance, a complete vendor contract, proof of compliance and deposit paid in full will be due within 7 days. Failure to do so will make the offer to vend invalid.

Sustainability & Green Initiatives:

- Atomique Productions promotes environmental stewardship; we pride ourselves in leaving our venues in as good of shape, if not better, than we found them. We work with reFuse to manage all site waste.

- Vendors must use only compostable or biodegradable cutlery, plate ware and all wrapping
- Note that use of straws, lids, styrofoam and foil lined wrapping are prohibited
- All commercial waste from your operation must be separated and labeled for end of night

Health and Safety:

- Compliance with the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) food vendor regulations is mandatory. All contractors are responsible for being in compliance and proof is required. NOTE: Vendors must also supply hand sanitizer at all workstations!

- Fire Departments require that vendors must have proper hood fans, as well as a working fire extinguisher. Both of these items must be up to date and code. Hood fans must be appropriately serviced for each event. Any external preparation and cooking must meet the inspectors on site approval.

Liability Insurance:

- Vendors are required to have comprehensive Liability Insurance in place, with a minimum limit of 2 million dollars ($2,000,000.00 CAD). Proof of coverage must be provided in the form of an insurance certificate, upon confirmation of vending and indemnification of certain parties will be required.

Vendor Rate for First Night:

- Food Vendor: $250 (+gst)

Additional Terms:

1. All vendors must submit a complete and accurate sales report to Atomique Productions within 48 hours of the event. Report must include gross sales, free of any rounded numbers or approximations.

2. Ice drops can be arranged, but must be requested before December 28th and will be at your own cost.

3. Water is site-dependent and not always available. Please note in the application if water hookup is mandatory to function or if a holding tank fill up is sufficient.

4. Vendors will load-in the day of the event and load-out the same evening after the event is done. Times TBC.

5. Alcohol consumption while vending is strictly prohibited and will result in site expulsion.

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On Site Contact and Cell if different: *
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Food Kiosk Information
Organization/Company Name: *
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Kiosk Details: *
Kiosk Size - HEIGHT & WIDTH *
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Length of trailer hitch or any protrusion from bumper: *
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Service Window Side: *
Approximate GW (greywater) produced daily: *
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How much does your GW tank hold: *
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Does it required draining each day? *
List your menu items - (please send a copy of your menu and promotional photographs of dishes, kiosk and company logo to if possible) *
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Power Requirements
Each vendor is allocated:
ONE: 120V X 15A (U-Ground) outlets OR 240v x 30A (4PIN Twist Lock)

All additional requirements will be at the vendor’s expense
Please make sure you have a 25' cable with the proper end for your unit

Tell us exactly what you need: *
Do you have any other power requirements?
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Water Hook Up - This is only provided if the site allows
If you require water hookup, please make sure you have the following: 50' Food Grade Hose with Female Connector (If the end is not, please MAKE SURE you have a turnaround to convert male to female)
Do you require water hook up? *
Can you function with a holding tank fill if water hook up is not possible? *
Propane Refill - This is site dependent
If you require a propane refill, the vendor will be required to provide a credit card at the time of delivery.
Do you require propane refill? *
Additional Information

Please provide an accurate listing of any possible variables to your foot print.

Do you have any equipment that you would like to place outside your unit? If so please be aware that it must be compliant with regulations.It must be placed front or back of your unit, NOT to either side. Please list: *
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Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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Please note, this application is for First Night (December 31st) ONLY.
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