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Wet Rest
MARs Liquid Bodies-Worlds
Prep Session 1

Floatation: between 4-11 March, Floatworks, Vauxhall
Reading Group: Tuesday 12 March 3-5pm, Goldsmiths

Wet Rest is a research group that employs the embodied and sustained practice of floatation for artistic research.

In a behavioural science context, floatation is a form of restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), or sensory deprivation: one floats alone for one hour in the dark, in water highly salinized with Epsom salts that provide buoyancy to the body and limbs; the water and air are both heated to body temperature and ear plugs exclude sound. Developed during the 1950s by neuroscientist John C Lilly, floatation is today utilised largely for physical therapy, meditation, to increase productivity, for accelerated learning and behaviour modification (phobia and aversion therapies).

Further to these therapeutic uses, Wet Rest considers the multi-dimensional affective experience of floatation (of which stimulus reduction is just one element) including such corollary effects as kinaesthetic disorientation (apparent feelings of disembodiment or out of body experiences) and spatio-temporal distortion, as means with which to examine the conditions of posthumanism, liquidity and altered states of consciousness.

Convened by Lucy A. Sames, Wet Rest is an embodied research group that has been meeting since October 2017 – each month its members participate in both a floatation and an accompanying reading group.

Working with this format, for this session we will each undertake a one-hour floatation at Floatworks (Vauxhall, South London), followed by a discussion group focussing on the following text:

Neimanis, A., 2017. Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology, Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 27-31 + 40-49

***No prior experience of floatation is required, but commitment to both parts of the workshop (floatation and reading group) is essential.***

Please note that numbers are restricted, and you must register using the form below.

We will offer a number of free floats to assist access to the workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact

Part of 'Liquid Bodies-Worlds: Embodied research, practice and the question of immersion', MARS Programme, convened by Dr Bridget Crone

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