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Yosemite K9 Kennels Booking Form
Thank you for reaching out!  We hope to be of service during your Yosemite adventure.  Once availability is confirmed, you will need to pay a $20 deposit to hold the reservation.  Deposits are paid by Venmo or PayPal.  Your deposit will go toward the final amount due.  Deposit are refundable up to 24 hours prior to your reservation arrival time.  If you do not call and do not show up you will forfeit the deposit. 
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What date would you like to start your kennel reservation?
Would you like to reserve for more than one day? Overnight boarding is an option please indicate here if you'd like to book overnight.  
Do you have more than one dog?  If so, we charge our same rate per dog, $15/hour so $30/hour for two.
Estimated drop time?  Pick up time?
Owner's Name
Phone number
K9's name, breed and weight?
K9's temperament? Get along with other dogs?  Friendly to humans?  Do you allow group play with others dogs or only solo?  
Do you want your K9 to enjoy an adventure walk?  With other dogs? How far do you usually go on walks for?  The max is 5 miles here but not guaranteed that far either.
I understand the kennels are located in a wilderness setting.  There are natural hazards that include rattlesnakes and wildfires.  While we do our best to mitigate these hazards by removing all rattlesnake habitat and being alert to the area, this is part of Yosemite's landscape.  We will always have someone present at the kennels as well.  Click yes, if you have read this information and want to continue booking.  If you choose no, we cannot move forward with your reservation.                                                                                     We do not normally have issues with rattlesnakes, but they do live naturally in this elevation as well as in Yosemite Valley.  
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