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Nicoz Diamond Think Tank Competition Application Form.
Nicoz Diamond (NDI) is the leading Short-term Insurance Company and only short term insurer listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange .The Nicoz Diamond’s Think Tank Innovators Competition seeks to create a culture of risk management and protection of one’s assets through adoption of insurance packages. Traditionally insurance was the preserve of the formal sector and limited packages are available for the informal sector. Nicoz Diamond Insurance also seeks to address numerous challenges in the Insurance sector such as lack of innovation while adding value for its clients in touch with the 21st century clients who are now in need of simpler tech savvy solutions.
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1. Upon submission of the concept note to Nicoz Diamond the idea and concept therefore becomes the property of the company. Nicoz Diamond Insurance therefore reserves the right to use and/or further develop the ideas submitted by the applicants. 2. Nicoz Diamond Insurance reserves the right to end the competition at any stage during the competition cycles. The said prize money outlined for competition winners will only be accessible to those who would have completed the entire process; i.e. applicants eligible are those who are shortlisted to the go through the mentorship, proposal and presentation preparation and then present their proposal at the Finals of the Think Tank Competition held at a date to be announced. 3. Individual applications are accepted as well as group applications but only up to a number of 3 members per group.
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