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Local Author Information Form
Before filling out application, please review the terms of our local author process:

- Books are taken in through consignment. We will take 3 copies of your book for 90 days and offer a 50/50 split for each copy sold. If you cannot pick up any unsold books after 90 days we will donate your books to a local library.

-We will only accept applications from authors who live less than 20 miles from the store.

- We will not accept books that need to be shipped to or from the store. Author must be able to drop off and pick up unsold books.

-We will accept one title per author. Due to the lack of space on the shelves, it is only fair that we carry one title so that we can allow other authors to have their books sold through the store.

-We will not accept any books that are dropped off before prior coordination and acceptance of your application. Those books will be donated to a local library.

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Author MUST live within 20 miles of the bookstore. If you do not provide your full address (street, town, state), your application will immediately be disqualified.
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When was it published, and through whom? *
What sort of fan base do you have? How do you promote yourself and your book(s)? If your book is accepted, how will you be mentioning An Unlikely Story?
Tell us about yourself and your book. Why would you be a great addition to our store?
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