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Student cyberbullying survey
Dear Students:

Thank you for taking this short survey. The results will provide valuable information about cyberbullying among EPTS students. This questionnaire does not ask for your name, so you should be as honest as possible in your responses.

Taking this survey is voluntary. We appreciate your time and help.

Thank you.

What age are you now? *
Are you a boy or a girl? *
What do you think cyberbullying includes? (You can choose as many of the options that you think are correct). *
Have you ever been cyberbullied? *
If you answered Yes to the last question, please describe what happened.
Your answer
If you have been cyberbullied, did you report it?
If you have been cyberbullied, who did you report it to?
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Has someone you know ever been cyberbullied? *
How often do you think cyberbullying happens? *
Please choose all of the answers that you agree with. *
Have you ever shared pictures or information of someone else without their permission? *
Have you ever used a friend's phone or password without them knowing? *
Have you ever teased or said something bad to someone online? *
What can your teachers do to help stop cyberbullying? *
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What can your parents do to help stop cyberbullying? *
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Do you have any other thoughts about cyberbullying? *
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Is there anything that you think adults should know about cyberbullying that they don't know? Your thoughts on this would be very helpful. *
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Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
Please remember, if you are being bullied or threatened, please tell someone at your school immediately, whether a teacher or someone else you trust.
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