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XAN token purchase form
This form contains the data necessary to complete the XAN token purchase transaction. The procedure for purchasing XAN tokens consists of a few simple steps:
1. Completing this form.
2. Completion of a simple KYC verification procedure at
3. Paying for the tokens to the wallet address:
   - for TRX or USDT on TRON network: TJnAzY88xVj5Q2idB8qhMcow99dZfxmL8X
   - for USDT on ETHEREUM network: 0x8e3Ad3A1780Fce61880937b81fD543e58f1ae9a6
4. Sending the tokens to your designated TRX address..

All details about XAN tokens you will find on our website

Important: Make sure that the email address you provide below is the same as the email address indicated in KYC.

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Email *
FAMILY name *
GIVEN name *
I want to make a payment for tokens (in USDT) on the network: *
Choose the network where you want to pay for the tokens (in USDT). Depending on your choice of network, you will be emailed back the address of the wallet on your chosen network to which you will make the payment.
The address of the wallet from which I will make payment for the tokens: *
The address of the wallet in the network selected above from which you will make payment for the tokens.
Public TRX-20 address for receiving XAN tokens *
Please enter your public TRX-20 address to which you want us to send you XAN tokens.Important: The TRX-20 wallet address cannot be an exchange wallet address (Biance, Kraken, etc.). It is best to create a TRX-20 wallet on e.g.
Number of tokens *
Please indicate the number of tokens you intend to purchase.
Statement *
I declare that I have read and understood the information about XAN tokens and the terms and conditions of their purchase posted on
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