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OPIDF Yorkshire Rose Championship Entries
St Aidan’s Church of England High School,
North Yorkshire,

Saturday 5th October, 2019

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Solos can be entered at a different grade than Championship and should reflect the dancers current grade in that dance. Only 1 light and 1 heavy solo can be entered and these are included in the overall Championship price. First Reelers do not have to select a solo, their solo will be Reel and this will automatically be included.

Choices for solos are:

Beginner - U5 - Reel
U7 and above - Hop Jig / Heavy Jig

Primary - Light Jig / Heavy Jig

Intermediate - Hop Jig / Heavy Jig

Open - All Ages - Slip Jig / Hornpipe *Boys can choose between Slip Jig/ Hop Jig /Light Jig

Enter Solos (Solos can be a different grade than Championship)
Light Solo
Heavy Solo
Trophy Treble Reel
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An overall payment invoice with a breakdown for each dancer and the total amount owed will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. Please check entries are correct before submitting payment. If an entry needs amending email:

A £4 admin fee is added per dancer for non OPIDF members. A £2 admin fee is added per dancer for OPIDF members.
Payment is accepted Paypal. Please wait until receiving your invoice before submitting payment.

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