The purpose of this data collection is to inform research carried out by Horace Francis and FEARLESS YOUTH
ASSOCIATION on the incidence and perceptions of police stop-and-search culture across
Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. The results of this research will be advanced to policy
makers in the hope of improving future policing procedures regarding stop-and-search and
Nottinghamshire citizens to create more positive interactions in stop and search situations.

All information provided is anonymous and will be kept confidential under The General Data
Protection Regulation. Data will be kept for a minimum of 3 months. At any point should you wish to
withdraw and delete any information you have provided, you are free to do so and can do by

I consent for the data I provide to be used for research on stop-and-search in Nottinghamshire. I
am aware that I can withdraw my data or request its deletion at any point.

I understand the purpose of this study and consent to the data I provide to be used as part of the research
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Demographic Data
1. Gender
2. Age
Under 16
16 - 24
25 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 55
55 +
Row 1
3. Ethnicity
4. Are you, or have you ever been a citizen of Nottingham?
5. If yes, please provide the first part of your Nottinghamshire postcode
Your answer
6. Have you ever been stopped and searched by members of Nottinghamshire police?
7. How many times have you been stopped and searched?
The following questions are aimed at gathering information about the nature and procedure of your experience(s) being stopped and searched. For the next set of questions, please give answers relating to your OVERALL experience of being stop searched i.e. if you have been stopped and searched numerous times, please provide answers representative of the majority of your experiences. You will have the opportunity to describe specific instances later on in the questionnaire.
1.Why do you think you were being stopped and searched by police?
2. Was it explained to you by police officers why you where being stopped and searched?
3. There are number of procedural steps that police must take before and during a stop and search check. Please answer accordingly regarding your own experience. For each statement please select the answer that best describes your experiences.
They told me but not before they searched me
I can't rememer
Before I was searched, the police told me their name and police station
Before I was searched, the police told me what they expected to find, for example, drugs, a weapons
Before I was searched, the police told m the reason they wanted to search me (e.g. because it looked like i was hiding something etc
Before I was searched, the police told me why they were legally allowed ti search me
Before I was searched, I was told that I had the right to a record copy of the search. If receiving a copy was presently unavailable at the time I was able to request one and how I should go about this.
4. Do you believe there were 'reasonable grounds' for police suspecting unlawful activity that warranted a stop and search? (In this context we are referring to the legal reasonable grounds under which police are allowed to carry out a stop search should they suspect you are: carrying illegal drugs, a weapon, stolen property, something which could be used to commit a crime).
6. What was the outcome of your stop and search check(s)? (For people who have been stopped and searched more than once please select the most common outcome.)
7. Related to the outcome you selected in the previous question, please select the option that best describes the suspected/charged/convicted criminal activity that led to this outcome
8. Occasionally police make stop and search checks based on reasonable grounds for suspecting a certain criminal behaviour and uncover another type of criminal activity. E.g a person may be stopped on reasonable grounds to suspect they are carrying a weapon and may also be found in possession of drugs. Has this ever applied to you?
The second pat of this questionnaire will focus on your perceptions of stop and search checks, the way you feel about your personal experiences of being stopped and searched and how you perceive the some of the police services.
1. When you were stopped and searched, did you feel the police behaved professionally (i.e. lawfully & respectfully)?
How did being stopped and searched make you feel? You may check more than 1 answer
2. Do you feel confident that should you be stopped and searched by police you would know your rights?
3. Please select the answer that most appropriately describes you. If you were fully informed of your rights during a stop and search check, and you felt they had somehow been violated, how comfortable would you feel alerting your searching officer of this?
4. If your rights were violated during a stop and search check, would you feel confident that you know HOW to report a complaint to the police?
5. Have you ever reported a complaint (of rights violation or otherwise) related to policing procedures?
6. If you answered yes on the previous question please select the response that best describes the type of policing complaint you made
7. Do you feel your complaint was acknowledged and appropriate, satisfactory action was taken?
8. Based on your past experiences, would you consider reporting a new complaint to the police, should you find yourself in a situation where a complaint would be appropriate?
9. Based on your own experiences, do you think stop and search checks are necessary in Nottingham
10. Based on what you know about other's experiences, do you feel stop and search checks are necessary in Nottingham
Based on our own experiences and the experiences of others, do you think the frequency of stop and search checks carried out in Nottingham is appropriate?
12. Have you ever felt discriminated against by the police in terms of how likely they would be to stop and search check you? (N.B. for this question we also consider positive discrimination e.g. a female may feel she is positively discriminated against by the police by being less likely to be suspected on reasonable grounds of criminal activity).
13. If your answer to the previous question was yes, please tick all that apply
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