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Setting Limits Without Guilt Post- Test
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1. What are the two chemicals released by the brain when we are stressed? *
2. Which part of the brain takes information from short-term memory and stores it in long-term memory? *
3. Inner speech is the conversation that you have in your head. *
4. Children process information 12 times slower than adults. *
5. Daily routine and picture cards do not *
6. It is more important to focus on what you want your child to do instead of what you want them to stop doing. *
7. In order to take back or keep our power as teachers or parents, we must *
8. No one can make you angry unless you allow it. *
9. Motivation to behave comes from being in a relationship. *
10. Chores give children, as young as toddlers, an opportunity to play a meaningful role in the functioning of the family. *
11. Which one of the following best describes your position? *
12. Which best describes the age groups you work with? *
13. My highest level of education is: *
14. I have the following certification or license: *
15. I am currently employed by the follwoing: *
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