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Findery: Pitch application
Startup and entrepreneur life is a journey, and the path is not always clear. Findery is a brand new pitching community for everyone who’s passionate about the future of health.

FINDERY will be a recurring event bringing the health and life science field together. Want a chance to pitch? Are you a startup, project or research team with something cool to share in the field of health and life science?

The pitch is in English, lasts 3 minutes and is commented for 7 minutes encouragingly by various professionals from the point of view of medicine, investment, business or pitching. All teams pitching are screened in advance by the organizers and we reserve the right to group pitchers together as we see fit in the Findery program. The pitch will be recorded on video and may be used later in promotional material.

Fill in carefully this form and we will be in touch!

Findery is organized by HUS, Helsinki Think Company and Health Capital Helsinki together with various partners.
The next Findery events will be organized on 9.2.2017 and 23.3.2017.

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