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Xella's BlizzCon 2019 Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in commissioning a con badge from me this year! Fill out this form if you're interested in commissioning a badge; you should get an email response within a few days at most! If email isn't your preferred form of communication and you would rather I contact you via Discord or Twitter, please include your discord username or twitter handle in the "Anything else I should know" section down at the bottom—and be sure you can accept incoming DMs!

Got here by accident or closed your previous browser tab? For more information, please see:
All prices listed are in United States Dollars (USD).

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A screenshot/reference for your character *
This can be an armory link, a link to a ref sheet or another artist's rendition of your character, or a physical description of your character if you don't have any of those things! Be sure to mention anything that your character has that might not display in-game or on the armory, like scars, tattoos, a favourite shirt, or a necklace they always wear. If you're including an additional character (like a hunter or battle pet), make sure to include links or descriptions for them too!
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Anything else you'd like me to know?
Don't check your email often and would like me to contact you via Twitter or Discord instead? Live outside the US and need the additional shipping cost included in your quote? Want a special badge border frame, to include your guild name or title, or looking for something else I might not have thought of? Let me know!
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